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Planets Info Lab celebrates their 10th anniversary on 07-07-2010.
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CMS Facilities

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Features and Benefits

• Easy to Use: Intuitive interface is easy to learn, productive to use.

• 100% Web Based Interface: No software to install or maintain on the desktop. Manage your website from any computer - at home, at work, or on travel.

• Group Based Permissions: Allow functional teams or business units to edit specific areas within a site, while securing all others.

• Approval Workflow: Supports a multiple step workflow process where content creation is performed by one group, while editorial or legal approval may come from others, before the content is live on the website.

• Email Notifications: Content administrators receive automated emails informing them of administration tasks as they are assigned.

• User Dashboard: Key tasks are presented "at a glance" at user login, along with links to other relevant administrative resources, such as site statistics or reporting functions.

• Choice of WYSIWYG Editor, or power HTML Editor: Users may choose to edit content using a variety of familiar, "what you see is what you get" editors. Alternately, advanced users may directly edit HTML snippets, or copy and paste from other applications such as Word or FrontPage.

• Administrative Preferences: Content administrators can customize their individual preferences, such as choice of WYSIWYG editor, notification schedule, etc.

• Visual Site Overview: View complete site layout and easily navigate to edit specific pages or add a new section using a dynamic, drag-and-drop interface.

• Rich Multimedia Support: Supports formatted files (PDF, DOC, other), images, video, and audio files.

• Separate Content from Form: Web content may be re-used and re-formatted for different purposes, while maintaining a single authoritative source.

• Central Asset Repository: All content, including images, files, and content objects are stored in a single, searchable database. Customizable galleries allow for easy categorization.

• Content Tagging: Ability to create a flexible content taxonomy. Content can be dynamically displayed based on rules applied against this taxonomy.

• Audit Trail: Change tracking and audit trail for content and pages.

• Content Versioning: A complete history of each element and page, with the ability to easily roll back any piece of content to a specific point in time.

• Integrated Site Search: Robust search engine indexes all content, including PDF and Microsoft Office formats such as DOC and PPT. Advanced site search options, including wildcards, Boolean searches (AND, OR, NOT), stemming, and fuzzy searches. Includes the ability to spider other sites and include them in results.

• Press Releases Module: Post press releases in a standardized format. Includes business rules to sort and filter based on date and ranking, as well as scheduling a post for a future date..

• Rich Internet Support: Ability to create Rich Internet Applications that are managed by the system, such as dynamically updated Macromedia Flash or AJAX components.

• Custom Content Objects: Expandable for custom content objects, built to match existing meta-data and business processes.

• Password Protected Pages with Login: Create password protected pages or sections, designed for use as "Extranet," "Clients Only," or "Members Only" areas.

• Dynamic Form Builder: Dynamically configure forms to capture information. Configure mail settings for each form via administrative interface (Subject, To, From, CC, etc.). Generate databases of contact submissions on the fly, with convenient exports to MS Excel.

• Print Friendly View: Allow users to print relevant page contents with print friendly page rendering.

• E-mail to a Friend: Encourage traffic by allowing people to send specific page links to others.

• Dynamic Navigation Menu and Site Map: As the site structure changes, navigation menu and public site map automatically update.

• Instant Dynamic Page Rendering: Web pages are dynamically rendered on the web server, so they always contain the latest information.

• Configurable Page Caching System: Server-side caching of frequently requested pages and database queries delivers ultra high performance in high traffic applications.

• Fully Addressable URL's: URL's are human readable and may be emailed or bookmarked. All URL's are search engine friendly.

• Scalable for Concurrent Users: Developed on PHP platform that is more robust, and more scaleable, than ASP, J2EE, or other script based systems.

• Cross Platform: Web Server would be Linux.

• Custom Integration with 3rd-Party Systems: Plays well with others, including complimentary web applications such as CRM solutions, Association Management Software products, Shopping Carts, Discussion Forums, and legacy databases.

• Portlet API: A published portlet API (Application Programming Interface) allows custom modules and applications to be easily written and integrated.

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