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Pampady Sre Pampunkavu Nagaraja Temple Website  inaugurated at the Temple by Artist Namboothiri on October 2.
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Website Management

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What is Website Management?

A key component to any successful website is keeping it up-to-date, otherwise known as website management. Proper management provides a reason for users to return, and will greatly improve your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts. This is achieved through addition of new content, tools, materials and other features, as well as timely removal of dated materials.

How does this affect search engines?

A search engine will return to your website to compare the content currently on the website, with the copy of the content it cataloged the last time it visited. Finding updates, or changes, indicates that the website is updated regularly. This prompts the search engine to return more frequently. Conversely, finding little or no difference will prompt the search engine to return less frequently. More frequent updates may be used as an indication of timely relevance. This indication can aid in search engine ranking efforts.

A good website design is like a tailored suit, website management is the clean shave and haircut! Appearance is just as important online as it is in the boardroom.


How does this affect users?

Think about the websites you visit, the ones you return to are those who offer changing content. You certainly don’t return again and again to re-read the same content. Have you ever visited a website who is offering a special that expired 3 months ago? Consider how you viewed their website and in turn thier company. Perception is key in terms of users AKA potential clients.

How this works

Just like our website development and design, we custom build a website management solution for each client. Some clients have tremendous needs, others very few. We will structure a management schedule of tasks, hours, frequency, etc. specifically to fit your needs and budget.

How quickly do you publish updates?

Typical text based changes to content areas within the existing website are completed within 1 business day. Graphic updates are generally completed within 2 business days. The client will always be given a timeframe for completion of all changes.

Website management pricing

All website management contracts are priced based on each individual client and their specific needs. Payments are typically distributed over 12 monthly payments.

What if I want to do it, but then need help later?

This frequently happens. We all have the best intentions, only to find we have a lack of time or ability. Any of our clients can contract with us to manage their website at any time.

Do you manage existing websites?

Yes! Websites we have not designed can be problematic if they have not been designed well in terms of the code or other structures that might be in place within the website. We are always happy to review a website to see if we can manage it for you. The review is free, and we rarely say no outright. If we need to “clean up” the code prior to management, we will provide you with a quote for the update as well as for the website management.

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