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News flash website was inaugurated by Kuzhalmantham Rama Krishnan on october 19.

Home Website Restructuring

Restructuring a Web site

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In Web Site Navigation you can rearrange the structure of your Web site. Depending where you move a page, the relationships between Web pages are dynamically updated. For example, if you move a page beneath another page, the relationship is updated to a parent-child relationship.

To move a page, perform the following steps:

  1. To open Web Site Navigation, expand your Web project in the Project Explorer view and double-click Web Site Navigation.
  2. Select a page icon.
  3. Drag the page icon to the new location; the site's organization is updated.

Note: If you have a subproject, external page, or groups in the site structure, you can also move their icons this way.


  • Page, external page, project, and group icons cannot be a child of an external page or a project.
  • External page and project icons cannot be the top page of the Web site structure.
  • Group icons cannot be a child of another group. However you can create a nested group by moving a group beneath a page inside of another group.
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